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Jumping back into the dating game after a divorce can be challenging, especially if you have children.
80% of them were unattractive or incompatible, and the other 20% simply wanted a one night stand. so now I’m trying to limit myself to men who want more than a one night stand and to that end, will be upgrading from OKC to match. Do men in their late 30’s/early 40’s consider 40 year old women relationship material, or should I limit myself to 45 yo men? All you have is years and years of crappy advice from your girlfriends.

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Murray has said throughout his tennis career how instrumental his parents have been in his life on, and off the court.

Here are five fast facts to know about Murray’s father, William Murray: William and Judy Murray are the parents of Andy and his older brother, doubles player Jamie.

In Greek mythology, the other gods feared that Aphrodite's beauty might lead to conflict and war, through rivalry for her favours; so Zeus married her off to Hephaestus.

Despite this, Aphrodite followed her own inclinations, and had many lovers — both gods, such as Ares, and men, such as Anchises.

Richard Williams, tennis champs Serena and Venus Williams' 75-year-old father, has filed for divorce from his much younger wife in West Palm Beach, Florida.According to the Manuscript of Serna, a missionary report from central Mexico, the natives "adored and made more sacrifices" to Venus than any other "celestial or terrestrial creatures" apart from the sun.The Manuscript also tells us that: The reason why this star was held in such esteem by the lords and people, and the reason why they counted their days by this star and yielded reverence and offered sacrifices to it, was because these deluded natives thought or believed that when one of their principal gods, named Topilzin or Quetzalcoatl, died and left this world, he transformed himself into that resplendent star. Both the Nahautl and Yucatec names translate as "quetzel bird-snake" or "plumed serpent".He is a two-time Grand Slam tournament winner, Olympian and Davis Cup champion.His career has placed his entire family in the spotlight.She had many other names, each emphasizing a different aspect of the same goddess, or used by a different local cult.