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Risks of sedating a baby

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This may present a scary and claustrophobic (closed-in) environment for most young children and even some adults.

Scans last for 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the areas to be scanned.

It was titled “Cognition and Brain Structure Following Early Childhood Surgery With Anesthesia.” Considering that my now 4-year-old underwent general anesthesia for a minor procedure when he was 2 and that my 14-month-old may be a candidate for ear tube surgery, my interest was immediately piqued.

I clicked through and came face to face with a whole lot of yuck.

Various types of scan such as CT, ultrasound and x-rays can show the size and shape of parts of your child’s body but not in as much detail as an MRI scan.

The information from the scan is then used to help with diagnosis and plan their treatment.

This may allow food and other stomach contents to come up into the esophagus and throat and these contents may then go into the windpipe and lungs.The sedation may also help make your child forget what happened during the treatment.For treatments that are painful, your child will also be given medicine for pain.The first sentence alone made me gasp: “Anesthetics induce widespread cell death, permanent neuronal deletion, and neurocognitive impairment in immature animals, raising substantial concerns about similar effects occurring in young children.” I thought. Considering that 6 million American children—including 1.5 million babies under the age of 1—undergo general anesthesia each year, this seemed like a pretty serious issue to delve into.Twenty studies and several phone calls later, I’m feeling a lot better about my kids’ brains.It describes what sedation is, what happens when your child gets sedation, and how to care for your child after the test or treatment.