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Previously, he served for 35 years as the senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, before retiring in 2011. Bernard is the founder, Senior Pastor,and CEO of The Christian Cultural Center located in Brooklyn, New York.

He regularly teaches in seminaries, addresses Evangelical concerns with elected officials and provides theological and cultural commentary to leading news outlets. He is the president of the Council of Churches of the City of New York, sits on the NYC Economic Development Corporation Board, and served on the NYC School Chancellor’s Advisory Cabinet and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2001 transition team. Tony Evans is a pastor, teacher, author, and speaker.

2011 is the first year that the African American Lectionary has posted compact units for moments on its liturgical calendar. Description of the Liturgical Moment R: Janae Pitts wrote in the 2009 African American Lectionary commentary for Singles Sunday: For generations, the Church has lifted marriage as a chief aspiration of Christian life, leaving single people waning under a cloud of stereotypes and inadequacy.

In the wake of societal factors that substantially limit the quantity of marriageable partners, singleness has become a lifelong reality for many. For still others, it is a means for complete abandonment to Christ and the work of the Kingdom.

This outward re-orientation occurs through programming, praying, budgeting, staffing, and honestly evaluating the church’s success at birthing new Christian disciples.

While there are many good things a church can do…and there are some important things a church should do…there is only one essential thing a church must do: “…go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life…” (Mt. Outreach Principle #2: Social Networks are the Vehicle There is a 2,000 year-old insight that any congregation can apply to reach more people.

Dear Family, If you know me or have followed my ministry for an appreciable amount of time, then you know that I have a serious passion for helping other senior pastors.

When I was a young pastor some sixteen years ago, going through the wearisome vicissitudes of leading my first church and facing what would turn out to be a watershed moment in my life, I found myself isolated and uncertain, with no one close who could experientially relate to what I was going through.

Bishop Joey covered me, gave me wise counsel, and spoke life over me—as he still does to this day.He is resolutely committed to unconditional outreach, and leads the culturally diverse congregation of "THE WORD" Church with integrity and excellence.Sunday, November 6, 2011 Guest Writer for This Unit: Christina A.Here it is: Non-Christians come to Christ and the church primarily through relationships with Christians.Christian friends and relatives bring twice as many new believers into local churches as all the other reasons…combined!Why are some churches so effective at reaching people and making disciples, while others remain stagnant year in and year out? there are all varieties of churches in size, shape and color that are effectively reaching people in their community.