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Am I being unreasonable for not wanting to talk on the phone?

I feel like the guys who make a big deal out of it and won’t meet end up being not worth it anyways, but I’m more curious how this comes off to the men I’m talking with.

I always thought that if a girl likes to talk to you on the phone for long periods, it means something.

But I don' t know..says she likes talking to me for long periods because I listen, and understand her.

recently, and I’ve had a few guys request talking on the phone before meeting in person.

Personally, I am not comfortable or interested in phone chats with strangers, and would rather just meet for coffee or drinks to see if we are compatible.

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Trust me, when you leaste xpect it, you or her will bring the subject up because one is more likely to fall for the other, and it can result whatever you two share, a friendship or moving forward into something more like a relationship, even at a safe and slow process. One guy I talked to for 6 months on the phone - we had long conversations and he brought up the subject of "us".

A lot of guys, geeks especially, can feel somewhat intimidated by calling the girl they like.

Believe me, I can understand; I’ve been there enough times, when the adrenaline surges as you’re punching the numbers and you heart pounds as the phone rings and you find yourself silently praying for a voice mail instead of a live voice on the other line.

So ladies, will you have regular long phone conversations with a guy friend, if you have no feelings for him?

To your question, I personally hold long phone conversations with a guy ONLY if I know there is chemistry there and feel it for myself.