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Good.” It’s difficult to imagine what those words meant to Tiziana Cantone.

About a year ago, she sent that video to her ex-boyfriend and three others, who published it online for all to see. It was printed on T-shirts and smartphone cases, worn and carried through the streets of Italy, likely as some sort of joke, the BBC reported. She wanted the video removed — and won the “right to be forgotten” and to have the video deleted from the Web, in court — but, by then, it was too late.

La Repubblica said Cantone may have also sent several videos to five friends whom she trusted. The phrase was then used by people on Youtube “who made parodies of the footage and shared them online,” according to the Mirror.

The video showed Cantone performing a sex act on a man. Cantone had won a “right to be forgotten” ruling in Italian courts, the publication said, but was ordered to pay court costs for the ordeal.

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